Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson ~ Fiction Book Review

Her Every Fear: A Novel by [Swanson, Peter]This author’s The Kind Worth Killing was fantastic. Like, super awesome, wish I had written it first fantastic, even though it lost the teeniest bit of steam in the end. In this one, the author mastered suspense and atmosphere. If felt like reading a Hitchcock movie. The characters felt vivid, the dialogue rang true, but at the same time, as good as certain aspects of the book was, it felt off. To be totally honest, it felt formula.

It lacked the raw, gritty, even the author didn’t see it coming until he wrote it surprise. In other words, it was predictable. Not quite boring, but it definitely lacked the organic thrills and suspense of the other. I will refrain from mentioning the other book written by this author because I hated it. One love, one hate, and one just the bright side of meh.) 3.75 stars.

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson ~ Fiction #Book Review

17841565Peter Swanson’s book, The Kind Worth Killing, blew me away. I loved the time I spent in those pages, wondering, guessing, holding my breath. So even though the cover blurb on his first book, The Girl with a Clock for a Heart, didn’t pique my interest, when I found it, I gave it a chance.

I opened the cover suspecting that this wouldn’t be my cup of tea, and it wasn’t. The writing was good, the plot intricate, but there was something almost juvenile about it. It lacked the depth, experience and craft that you’ll find in The Kind Worth Killing. I found parts of this one weren’t just far fetched, but downright annoying. In an eye roll, “yeah, right,” kind of way.

That said, I’m sure that there are readers that will really enjoy this book. It will keep you guessing. Not for me, but may be for you. Four stars.


The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson ~ Fiction Book Review

wpb26I LOVED this book!!! The Kind Worth Killing has received a fair amount of attention. Usually I’ve found that you can’t believe the hype, especially when a book is touted as the next Gone Girl ‘fill in the blank’. I don’t like this marketing ploy. I think it’s unfair to both authors and readers, but especially readers. Who’s to say what it is about a book you love that made you love it? Just because another book has similar qualities, it doesn’t necessarily make it a comparable work. Take, for overused example, Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train – maybe if my hopes hadn’t been built up by the hype and comparisons, the latter book wouldn’t have been such a disappointment.

I almost didn’t pick up The Kind Worth Killing for that very reason. But I’m very glad I did. I don’t want to hop on the comparison bandwagon and say that if you liked Gone Girl then this is the book you’ve been waiting for, but it’s the most apt book for this comparison that I’ve come across.

  • Interesting, well developed characters? Check
  • Engaging plot? Check
  • Sharp dialogue? Check
  • Successful plot twists? (As in actually catching the reader by surprise with a turn of events that they didn’t see coming). Check

I can’t say that everyone will feel the same way I do about this book, but I was extremely happy with this novel. I couldn’t put it down. It inspired me to be more creative in every way that I can. It made me think. It’s been a couple of weeks since I read it, and it’s still on my mind. That is the quality that I LOVE most in a book. 5++++ stars!

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