Play Dead by Angela Marsons ~ #Fiction #Book #Review

29543952This is another exciting installment in the D.I Kim Stone series. As usual, Marsons leads the reader around a series of twists and turns, makes the outlandish seem probable, and pushes the boundaries in a most enjoyable way.

In book four, D.I. Kim Stone’s character continues to evolve. As her persona is fleshed out, it endears her to readers even more. The mystery, as usual, has an element that strikes close to home for Detective Stone, and the time on the clock is ticking down fast.

I love these books. A series that got under my skin after I swore off series, I can’t stop myself from coming back for more. This author is fresh and inventive, balances the light with the dark through the development and healing of her characters, and is a true artist when it comes to weaving together the many fibers of an intricate storyline to create a perfect tapestry of crime. 5 stars!

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