100 Best-Loved Poems ~ #Review

18681675I wasn’t a huge fan of this compilation. Many of the poems featured war or battle as their themes. The poems that I enjoyed are the same poems that are found in every poetry collection. I do feel, however, that I am learning/evolving/growing in my quest to develop a better appreciation for poetry – I’ve finally developed an admiration for poems that don’t rhyme, which I think stems from finally learning the cadence with which to read them – for years I struggled to find a beat or rhythm when a poem didn’t rhyme, but now I feel more confident that I’m reading them ‘correctly’. My quest continues . . . * 3 stars.

101 Great American Poems ~ BookReview

21686303After reading Zen in the Art of Writing by legendary author Ray Bradbury, I decided to take some of his advice, which included reading poetry.

I’ve never been a big fan, and I’m afraid I don’t have much appreciation for poems that don’t rhyme or have some beat or tempo that make the words flow like, “a silver, meandering stream in a cloud lined dream.” Sure, it’s outside of my comfort zone, but it couldn’t be too painful, right?

This book presents an eclectic sampling from some of America’s best poets. It contains poems I enjoyed, and ones I never care to read again. Edgar Allan Poe is still my favorite poet, but who knew Abraham Lincoln had a talented pen as well?

Sometimes in life you have to make yourself do things that you don’t particularly want to do. For me, this was one of those things. But – the next book of poetry won’t be, because it wasn’t such a bad experience. I actually kind of liked it. There will be more books of poetry in my future. 4 stars!


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