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This week I read:

This is an ARC of a book PLL’s author Sara Shepard wrote with a 16 year-old influencer, and I have to say that, unfortunately, it shows. While the story is good and shows an interesting insider’s view of the influencer industry, it’s not quite as compelling as Shepard’s books usually are, and there’s something distinctly juvenile about the writing style. I’d say this one’s best for younger readers. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

Secret organizations, ancient families, and a school that teaches its students deadly skills? Yes, please. This was a fast paced, enthralling YA book that was so much fun that I had to start the sequel ASAP, even though book one has a nice conclusion if you don’t want to read on. Plenty of fun and useful info too!

I just started:

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Flawless (Pretty Little Liars #2) by Sara Shepard ~ Fiction Book Review

162089I keep asking myself why I’m reading these books. I’m slightly ashamed of myself. But the honest truth is that I’m reading them because I can’t stop! They’re my guilty pleasure. When I’m reading an adult book, I’m thinking of these and wishing I was reading them instead.

In the second installment of the Pretty Little Liars series, the girls are back with new drama and old worries. The reader learns more about “the  Jenna thing” while more potential suspects for A’s true identity are introduced. The suspect pool is then reduced the only it truly can be – by a death.

These aren’t the best written books and honestly I find some of the characters so vapid and annoying that I want to slap someone, but they are addictive, and I NEED to know who A really is. So what this YA series lacks in the literature department it makes up for in knowing how to keep a reader hooked – and, as most writers will tell you, that’s a vital skill to have! 5 stars!

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard ~ Fiction Book Review

162085I’ve heard about the TV show, Pretty Little Liars, and while I’ve never seen an episode, I have humored the thought that in another life (younger, more time, if I knew what channel it was on) it might be a show that I’d watch. I had no idea that it was based on a book series, though, until I found it at my local Friends of the Library book sale for a quarter.  What follows are my honest thoughts about this book. (Don’t judge.)

I wasn’t particularly impressed by the writing. I was quite worried to discover that I was reading about 7th graders, then quite relieved to find the characters are only that young for the first chapter. These girls are much naughtier than the adult women in the books I normally read. (Not that I wasn’t this age myself and that I don’t realize what goes on – I claim the 5th on ever misbehaving myself in any way – but I was slightly shocked that mothers let their daughters read this, and could not decide at what age I’d expose my daughter, if I had one, to this book.) I didn’t connect with any of the characters, and was almost through the book by the time I was able to keep them straight.

BUT – I’m hooked. I have to know what happens. Who is A? What does she have in store for these girls? I couldn’t sleep after finishing this book because I was so busy listing suspects and scenarios to identify and/or explain A. I’ll admit it – I felt myself blushing when my husband looked at the cover of this book, then at me with a questioning look – but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this series is my newest guilty pleasure. 4.5 stars.




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