Wolf by Mo Hayder ~ Fiction Book Review

wpb27.jpgMo Hayder has done it again. She never fails to astound me with a tale that is both sharply crafted and breathlessly astounding. Hayder is one of my favorite authors, but I haven’t read all of her books. Instead of the instant gratification of consuming everything she has ever written, I dole out her works sparingly, as a special treat.

Hayder is the mistress of brutal story lines. She unflinchingly confronts the darkest nightmares of humanity. And I love her for it.

But she is more than just a shock jock. Her prose is beautifully crafted. Her characters’ lives extend beyond the pages. She is a  master craftsman, a writer one can learn from, no matter what genre they spin. Hayder has a supreme ability to convey setting. Each silken thread of the spider’s web you find yourself in has been spun with a loving touch. Without her uncanny ability to create setting and atmosphere with such precision that her words practically surround you with a hologram illusion in the room you’re reading in, her stories wouldn’t have such the powerful effect that they have. 5 stars!

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