Publication Announcement: Short Story Anthology

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Last year I was contacted by an acquisitions editor in Russia who had stumbled upon a story of mine that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, wanting to know if I’d be willing to consider working with the publishing company she represented on a book. They were specifically interested if I had more short fiction featuring Detective Shaw, the main character from the piece It’s All About The Cat.

Well, I did. Detective Shaw is a reoccurring character who’s stories have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies. But I felt a little sketchy about the offer, because, at least in my experience, this isn’t the way it usually goes . . . it seemed to me like it could have been a scam.

It turns out it wasn’t!

The publishing company purchased the use of all my previously published pieces featuring Detective Shaw to use in a book intended to help Russian speakers learn to speak English, and vice versa. This would be achieved, they explained, by presenting the stories in both languages. It was simple enough on my end – all I had to do was sit back while they performed the translation, the formatting and design. Easy peasy.

And now . . . the book was just released and I have my contributor copies in hand!!!

But it got me thinking . . . why not release a version in the US?

So guess what? I am!

Check back later this week for the cover reveal! And if you don’t feel like waiting, join my mailing list and be among the first to check it out and get a copy for FREE!

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Monday (Mini #BookReview) Madness

This week I read:

This was a really interesting book. The author creates a work of fiction while also drawing on her own family roots based on being one of Cotton Mather’s descendants. She parallels the Salem Witch Trials to modern day bullying in high school while also weaving in a some ghosts and modern day witches. It was fun and suspenseful, with likeable characters, witty dialogue, and plenty of action. I enjoyed this one so much I already bought the sequel!

I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Weiland’s books on the craft of writing! They’re full of useful information, they’re entertaining, and with the many examples she gives using both popular books and movies, they’re easy to understand. I’ve always focused on plot when writing because while reading, even a book full of characters I hate can keep my attention if the plot is good enough, but after reading this I’m going to work on making my stories deeper by developing my character arcs!

I just started:

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