Monday Book Madness

I missed last week, so I’m including it this week.

Last week I read:

I don’t know how the heck I missed this one when I was a kid! Seems like it would have fit right in with my Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock mysteries for young people phase! The author skillfully handles a large number of characters, and while I wasn’t loving it in the beginning, by the end I was!
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Fast-paced, twisty, and much better than I had anticipated. A nice (and much needed) vacation from reality. 

This week I read:

40058916. sy475
This one was good, but for some reason I had trouble keeping the characters straight, and I felt underwhelmed at times. There was no urgent need to find out what happened next – the tension to keep me glued to the pages just wasn’t there.


All Your Twisted Secrets
I feel like I waited forever for this one to be released. All the hype had me salivating over myself once I finally had it in hand. I enjoyed it, and it had everything it needed to have – tension, twists, high stakes, the imminent threat of death – but ultimately I felt a litttle disappointed, which, in the author’s defense, usually happens when a book is built up so much for so long. I’d read more by Urban, I just wouldn’t spit on myself to do so. 😛


I just started:


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