True Grit ~ Tuesday’s Writing Inspiration

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  1. Near the beginning of Herbie Hancock’s autobiography, he writes a story of being a fresh young kid playing in Miles’ Second Great Quintet (before it was called that!). He was nervous and played a completely and totally wrong chord. It was so off, it jumped out and was super apparent. Miles gave him an odd look and took off on a solo using that chord, making it sound 100% intentional, turning it from “terrible” to “great”. Herbie said he still occasionally hit the wrong note or chord, but rarely was it a “bad” note or “bad” chord. Miles taught him well. Damn, if only we could all be as talented as Miles or Herbie…..

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    1. Now I know the story behind the quote! Thanks for sharing that, I’d never heard it before! And, yes, I envy their talent – and their POV about wrong notes! That’s why I loved this quote when I saw it! Such a great way to look at it!

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